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Colors Of The Wind Apothecary

Diane Alberts

Colors Of The Wind Apothecary is a Mother Daughter's Vision to incorporate the wisdom of our Elders, with a passion for plant spirit medicine and sustainable agriculture. On our few acres of land we seed and grow, tend and love, nurture and harvest, and craft our botanicals into, beautiful teas, tinctures, salves, scented intentional healing sprays, white sage and other herbal smudge bundles, nourishing herbal infusions, infused vinegars, oxymels, lip balms, massage oils, infused honey, elderberry elixir & more. All of our land is organically tended with all of our love, we use absolutely no pesticides, no chemicals, no gmos. We support a healthy bee population with our medicinal pollinator friendly flowers, and through all of our efforts hope to send healing ripples out to touch all people and to help facilitate healing for the Earth. Our Mission Statement: Honoring the healing powers of Nature and the roots that weave us all together, reconnecting people and the ancient plant kingdom, In service to the well-being of The Land and all of its people.

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