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Houss Freya

Daysi De Dios

Daysi maker of Houss Freya has been drawn to herbs and crystals for a long time, and has recently in the last year or so started learning about essential oils. The more She has learned about the magical, powerful energies and properties of these natural elements She began to find different ways to use them to benefit her current situations then decided to share them with the world. In her shop you will find “Intention Candles” they are soywax hand poured candles with intention specific herbs, essential oil blends and healing crystals (3) in each one. The “intention shower melts” are a great way to start your day setting your intentions. “Loose incense blends” are hand chosen blends of herbs,flowers, resins and oils to smudge and smoke cleanse. If you are looking to give your intentions a boost but not sure what you need or need help choosing, Daysi can intuitively Guide you as you connect with the products. Let Houss Freya assist you in Manifesting your desires.

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