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Master Pow's Co.

Master Pow's Co.

Jessica La-Rotta

We are a family owned and operated hot chili pepper company which launched with it's first collection of hot pepper sauce products, inspired by the culture, music, and people of Trinidad and Tobago. Our hot pepper sauces have been shared in the Lee Pow, our family, for three generations. Our sauces take a traditional approach of a hot pepper sauce but with a healthier twist. We pride ourselves in harvesting and/or sourcing the best ingredients, to bring you a chili pepper product that is both incredibly flavorful and 100% natural. We empower you with all the heat you want, need and crave. _______ Our goal is to show you how Master Pow’s Co. products are essential to enhancing your dish and/or cocktail and how you can indulge guilt-free and responsibly. We do this by designing and crafting in small batches a harmonious, all-natural blend of the world’s hottest chili peppers while keeping the ingredients pure and all natural. Our promise is to create products you can trust. We never put any preservatives, additives or fillers of any kind in our blends so you can continue to feed your body what it deserves. Whether, cooking at home for your family, home entertaining, or a night out with friends, Master Pow’s Co. wants you to take a journey and enjoy the essence of the beautiful fruit, we call the hot chili pepper. There is a heat level for every hot chili pepper lover. Keep the Fête going... Power to the Pepper! ™ The Lee Pow Family

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