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Gray and Tail

Gray and Tail

Dustin Davis

We’re Pei Apparel, and we want to dress your pup. We believe pets are the best, and that’s why our mission is to help give yours the happiest, most filled-with-love and fun life possible. Through a carefully curated­ collection of the coolest (and cutest) products available, we promise to bring you sustainably made, long-lasting pieces at the best price. Here’s our favorite part. For every order placed, we’ll donate $1 towards the wellbeing of pets in need. We’re partnering with no-kill shelters, foster facilities and other organizations who support, love and care for the lives of animals in need. We’re here because of you. Our customers and our friends. (Furry ones included!) We thank each and every person who has helped make our dreams become a reality–and we’re excited to share our journey with you, every step of the way. Be sure to follow along on social media to see all of the amazing things your orders will do for the most-loved creatures on Earth… our pets.

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