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Red Clay Paper

Elizabeth Clarke

Red Clay Paper is a modern calligraphy design studio, creating modern calligraphy and paper goods for homes and celebrations. The hallmark of each piece is its handmade nature: all of the calligraphy is written the old fashioned way, with nib and ink to paper. The result is clean, modern designs using the highest quality materials that will bring a touch of handmade authenticity to your home or studio. ** PLEASE NOTE: I have two lines of home decor, stationery and design - Red Clay Paper, and Palomita Design Co. Each line has a unique spirit, but they share the same thread of handmade authenticity, created with hand + heart. I would ideally like to sell both of my paper lines at my booth, as they are both complementary and distinct. This application is for Red Clay Paper, and I will be submitting information re: Palomita separately. Thank you!

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