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SoGood Guacamole & Dip Co.

Patrick Mulhern

SoGood Guacamole & Dip Co. is a company that primarily makes fresh guacamole right before its guests. We believe that the fresh way is the best way to enjoy guacamole. We also believe that making food fun enhances the whole experience. We put on a little show during production, and our patrons love it. Aside from our flagship product, we also carry a line of fresh salsas, including mango, pineapple, tomato, and verde. In addition to our classic lineup, we love sharing our seasonal salsas, as the growing season changes. Complimenting our salsas and dips, we offer a hardy and authentic tortilla chip that is delicious in its own right. We like to keep our items simple and fresh, which is why you'll never find any preservatives or fillers in our products. This key core value has won us the hearts and palates of many market-goers and festival attendees. We are excited to make fresh guacamole and salsas more accessible to an appreciative demographic.

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