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Tails of Hope

Lori Lane

Tails of Hope is a non-profit, no-kill, volunteer animal rescue organization serving all of New Jersey. We provide temporary shelter to stray, abandoned, and surrendered animals with the purpose of finding permanent new homes. Our organization is run by people who generously volunteer their time, homes and hearts in order to help. We make a promise to any animal who comes through our doors they will never be homeless again. We hope our residents will find a loving home with a lifelong companion or loving family; but if they never find that home, they are welcomed into our family. We assist all animals in distress without regard to age, breed or ease of placement. We provide humane care and adoption for homeless animals, spay and neuter services and any necessary medical care. We work diligently to educate the public, especially children, on the importance of pet sterilization, responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals. We believe that with some temporary assistance, many animals can remain in their current homes instead of being surrendered to animal shelters. We help by providing temporary assistance, including pet food and other supplies to families suffering from unemployment, seniors on fixed incomes and other situations where a family has run out of options. We strive to work with area shelters and other rescue and humane organizations to develop a network of supporters and volunteers in order to create a better world for homeless pets.

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