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Turn to Nature

Georgia Fickes

My partner and I have been working together to bring our health rituals to our community. We make what we use and have been selling at our Restorative workshops every other week in Highlands. Through essential oils, adaptogen certified organic powders, and jewelry we have been able to connect with our community. Bringing awareness to our senses and living a life more in touch with nature, as nature is the provider of essentials oils, mushroom powders, and crystals. We believe in our products and have been getting great feedback and would love to expand into the Fresh markets. We create facial and body blends, therapeutic roller bottles for traveling, bottled adaptogen powders; Ashwaganda, Reishi, Cacao, and Chaga. We also have gold-filled jewelry made with healing crystals and gemstones. These stones all have different properties that correlate with mood and well being. Customers are drawn to the products that speak to them and connect with the properties. We make everything ourselves from the labels, to jarring, to the beading. We love to create in a space of giving. To share what we learned and spread it through affordable and honest business ethics

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